Disney World 2019 with family


In the spring of 2019 the entire family visited family in South Carolina and then spent several days at Disney World.




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Lexington SC – On the way down they had a nice two day visit with brother-in-law John Katzbeck and niece Bethie.



Columbia SC – As usual we went to the Columbia Marionette Theater.



Columbia SC, Columbia Marionette Theater – Andrew made arrangements for Zoe to get instructions on puppetry for her American Heritage Girl’s skill badge.



Orlando, Westgate Resort – Carol’s friend Ruth worked the family a deal to use her timeshare. Wow what a great place! Here, the “smaller” suite with only a small Jacuzzi.



Resort – Zoe painting a map of the pool below.



EPCOT (Monday) – The Cleaning Crew performing before the park opens.



EPCOT – Lunch at the Coral Reef. Lunch with the fishes, giant sea turtle, some huge rays and sharks.



EPCOT – There was the Topiary and Garden Festival at the time. Here Carol and Kermit. Remember, if frogs could not jump he be gone with the Schwinn.



EPCOT – Ron and Carol at one of the secluded spots near the Monaco area. (Neat history museum next door.)



EPCOT – Neat assortment of drums and percussion instruments at the “Outpost.”



EPCOT – Shopping outside the restaurant San Angel Inn, Zoe finds the perfect hat.



Magic Kingdom – One must take the monorail [or ferry] from the parking to the park. It goes right thru the famous Contemporary Resort.



Magic Kingdom – A day of nostalgia. Here the grave yard at the Haunted Mansion.  They all used to live near Disneyland in CA.



Magic Kingdom – Kermit and friends giving us a funny version of the Ride of Paul Revere.



Magic Kingdom – Jungle Cruise.



Magic Kingdom – Ron timed it so everyone was on the ferry back to parking when the fireworks were set off.



Resort – Next day Ron found a dwarf in the Jacuzzi.



Resort – Later, everyone except Ron, toured around the resort.



Animal Kingdom – The floating mountains of Pandora (in panorama.) The family was able to do both the “Avatar” rides.



Animal Kingdom – Lunch at Yak and Yeti, delicious Pan-Asian cuisine.



Animal Kingdom – One of many animals kept there. Here a western lowland gorilla.



Animal Kingdom – Supper with an assortment of characters at Tusker House in Africa.



Resort – Zoe won the paddle board race!  The prize was a smoothie.



Resort – Zoe also won a sunburn. Her art of the feeling.




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