Carolina Beach, 2020 (COVID edition)


When the COVID outbreak started, Andrew figured that we could ‘shelter in place’ in a beach apartment as well as at home; so he rented a beach apartment for late August.  It worked out well. There were minimum people and maximum beach time and parks.




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Carolina Beach State Park (CBSP) – The main reason to stay at Carolina Beach was the state park. Andrew raises carnivorous plants and this part of North Carolina is the native home of the Venus flytrap.



CBSP – Bridges over the wetlands. (Untroubled waters?)



CBSP – Pitcher plants, each waiting for something to fall in and be digested.  We did not fall in.



CBSP – Venus flytraps. The Venus flytraps are only native within 75-100 miles of this place. The park also contained sun-dews, but they are tiny and hard to photograph with a smartphone.



Rental – Our front porch. It was often covered with towels and beach equipment.



Rental – The funky little guy greeted us coming in. We made good use of him. (Ron’s hat.) Behind a Pac-man machine that Zoe played when she could get the quarters.



Rental – We got to the rental about 4PM, just in time for a short walk along the beach, and then the remains of Hurricane Laura came through and dropped some rain. It was all gone by morning.



Carolina Beach – Our beach village. Ron would wander out occasionally, but mainly stayed in the AC and read.



Carolina Beach – Notice the empty beaches.



Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar – The request, as we went to supper.



Ocean Grill & Tiki Bar – Our only supper out. It had a nice outdoor patio looking out over the dunes and water. Note Andrew’s cloth ear decoration.  Zoe’s “I’ve been at the beach all day” face.



Rental – If not at the beach, the ladies spent a great deal of time painting shells they found on the beach and other art projects. Here a painting by Theresa.



Rental – Carol’s concept for beach nails.



Wilmington NC – The Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden. (Say that three times fast!) On our way home we stopped by another park of carnivorous plants.



Wilmington NC – Many more pitcher plants at the Rehder Garden.



Wilmington NC – Carol had this on her phone. Andrew says spiders often sit on the pitcher plants for prey.




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